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For the last five or six years my friend Bill Marler, food poisoning lawyer extraordinaire, and I have worked together on food poisoning cases.   Bill knows this area like the back of his hand and is widely understood to be the lawyer with the greatest expertise in this field.  

One thing I really respect about Bill is that he still practices law at what I call the "retail" level.  I contrast that with what I call lawyers who function as "wholesalers;"  that is, lawyers who race to file personal injury cases as class actions (medical monitoring is different) and treat cases as "inventory."  Bill actually cares about the people he represents, and despite the fact that he files cases across America (unfortunately there is a real food safety problem in America) and spends a lot of time in Washington DC speaking out for food safety he still is hands-on with clients and gives them the attention that they deserve. 

Earlier today our firms filed a case on behalf of two people in Memphis who contracted salmonella poisoning after eating food served by A & R Barbecue in Memphis.  Both plaintiffs, a father and his son,  suffered acute kidney failure as a result of their Salmonella infections, and needed extensive medical treatment, including dialysis.  Apparently twenty people were poisoned at this event.   Read more about the litigation here.

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