Tennessee Tort Reform Statutes and Related Cases.

During the last five years the Tennessee General Assembly has passed dozens of bills that can be properly classified as "tort reform" statutes.   Over fifty cases have already interpreted these statutes.

My latest book, Compendium of Tennessee Tort Reform Statutes and Related Cases (2nd ed. 2013) has the full text of all of these statutes and a summary of each of the cases interpreting them. The book will help you readily identify which segments of Tennessee common law have been modified by statute and additional statutes that change the practice of tort lawyers.

The 187-page book is available for purchase by clicking on the link embedded in the title.

You will receive the book at no additional charge if you attend the 2013 Justice Programs seminar in Knoxville (Nov. 21-22), Nashville (Dec. 5-6) or Memphis (Dec. 12-13). This is the 10th year of the seminar program, which focuses on updates in the law for those who do civil litigation in Tennessee. Read more about the 2013 Justice Program seminar by clicking on the link. Register for the 2013 seminar by clicking on the link. 

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