Exciting New Addition to BirdDog Law – Comprehensive Local Court Information

Problem:  Locating reliable information about court-related issues in counties other than your “home” county (and sometimes even in your “home” county).  There is information available on the Internet, but it is spread over multiple different websites, some of it is contradictory, and there can a question about reliability of the information.

Solution: BirdDog Law’s new free resource.  BirdDog has compiled important information for trial lawyers and their teams about court operations in all 95 counties.  The information includes:

  • contact information for all court clerks.
  • biographical information for all judges.
  • local rules.
  • local-approved forms.
  • local filing fees.
  • whether e-filing is available and, if so, the e-filing portal  and link to e-filing rules.
  • whether there is public access to filings and, if so, the portal to access the information.
  • docket information.
  • statistics about case filings and dispositions for the FY ending June 30, 2021.
  • statistics about tort trials (and damages awarded) in each county for the FY ending June 30, 2021.
  • demographic information.
  • information on the history of the county.

BirdDog gives you free access to this information in one easy-to-find, easy-to-use location.

For example, here is the information we have gathered for Davidson County.   For an example of a smaller county, click on the link to see what we have for McNairy County.

We have a system in place to review every county’s information every six months to see if any changes are necessary.  Local rules information is checked more frequently.

Creating this 95-county database was a massive project.  Over five hundred hours of time was spent finding the data and entering it into the database.  In almost every county the necessary information was spread over multiple websites and multiple pages within a given website.  Software development took over thirty hours.

The BirdDog site is designed to help Tennessee lawyers serve their clients.  The creation of these 95 county databases is one more way of doing so.

Share the BirdDog URL with your partner, associate, paralegal, and/or legal assistant to help them become more efficient in their work.

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