Tennessee Supreme Court Releases Opinion in Linville Case

On June 1 the Tennessee Supreme Court issued an opinion in State v. Linville, a case that required interpretation of the “drug-free zone” statutory provisions.

So, why bring that up in a tort law blog?  First, some of our readers also do criminal defense work, so a brief note about the decision is helpful to them.

Second, the new opinion gives me another opportunity to remind you of the free resource offered by my company “BirdDog Law.”  Our “Status of Cases Pending Before the Tennessee Supreme Court ” book gives you not only a list of the cases pending before the court but also lets you know the status of them.   And it’s free!

There are fourteen civil cases pending before the court right now. Six of those cases are tort cases and three involve civil procedure issues of interest to tort lawyers.

For example, I expect an opinion any day now in Donovan v. Hastings.  That case, involving the award of  fees under  Tenn. Code Ann. § 20- 12-119(c), was argued six months ago.   This case is of an interest to all lawyers who do civil trial work – the interpretation of a statute that provides for an award of attorneys’ fees if a case is dismissed on a motion for failure to claim upon which relief could be granted.

The free resources gives you (if available) a copy of the opinion(s) of the intermediate court, the briefing status, the oral argument date, and a link to the oral argument.

BirdDog helps you help your clients.  (And you can’t beat the price.)


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