Tennessee Law of Civil Trial Book

Tennessee Law of Civil Trial has been printed and is now available for purchase.  

The 500+ page book is largely a discussion of the law of trying civil cases in Tennessee – the law of scheduling orders, pretrial conferences, jury selection, opening statement and closing arguments, use of depositions at trial, and more.  

The book does touch on some aspects of the law of evidence, but candidly the book largely leaves that topic to other texts.   Instead, this book is designed to be a reference guide that judges and lawyers can turn to for a ready reference on the substantive law of trial.

Also included is a chanter of 75 of my tips on preparing cases for trial and related forms.

Here is the Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Scheduling Orders
Chapter 2: Final Pretrial Conferences
Chapter 3: Motions in Limine
Chapter 4: Jury Selection
Chapter 5: The Rule
Chapter 6: Opening Statements and Closing Arguments
Chapter 7: Examination of Witnesses
Chapter 8: Use of Depositions at Trial
Chapter 9: Opinion and Expert Testimony
Chapter 10: Mistrials
Chapter 11: Motions for Directed Verdict
Chapter 12: Findings of Fact
Chapter 13: Jury Instructions
Chapter 14: Juror Questions
Chapter 15: Verdict Forms
Chapter 16: Discretionary Costs
Chapter 17: Motions for a New Trial and to Alter or Amend Judgment
Chapter 18: Remittitur
Chapter 19: Additur
Chapter 20: Motions for Judgment Notwithstanding the Verdict
Chapter 21: Preparing to Win

The book should be delivered next week and will be available for shipping shortly thereafter. To order your copy, click on the Tennessee Law of Civil Trial link.  Discounts available for bulk purchases.  Email me a jday@johndaylegal.com for more information.

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