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On August 11, 2009 I directed you to an article written by  Steven Robbins on writing better emails.    Here is a great article written by Jim Calloway on managing your in-box.  Jim writes the "Law Practice Tips Blog,"  a great place to learn about law practice management and technology.

An excerpt:

if an e-mail is being retained because it is really a task, save it as a task! Drag it from the inbox to Tasks on the lower left hand corner of display in Outlook 2007. A new Task appears with the subject line and contents of the e-mail. Then do three quick things: edit the subject line to whatever it is you need to do, give it today’s date and determine what the due date should be. It there is a hard due date, add it here. It you need to start on it several days in advance, then give that date as the due date and chance the task(subject) line to ‘do X by Y date.’

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