Tennessee Supreme Court Agrees to Review Two Cases

The Tennessee Supreme Court has agreed to review two new cases, Commercial Painting Company Inc. v. The Weitz Company LLC, and Welch v. Oaktree Health and Rehabilitation Center LLC D/B/A Christian Care Centers of Memphis.

Commercial Painting addresses the applicable of the economic loss doctrine in a construction project and an attorney’s fee award issue.

Welch concerns health care powers of attorney,  Tennessee Health Care Decisions Act, Tenn. Code Ann. § 68-11-1801 to -1815, and  arbitration agreements in nursing home contracts.

Clicking the link on the case names will lead you to a summary of the cases on BirdDog Law, a easy-to-use website that provides Tennessee lawyers and paralegals  information they need on a daily basis.  Among the free resources available is “Status of Cases Pending Before the Tennessee Supreme Court,” an e-book that gives the status of each case pending before our High Court.

There are seventeen civil and eleven criminal cases pending before the Court at this time.   I expect the opinions in  State of Tennessee v. Tyshon and  Shaw v. Metroto be released in the coming days.   Inside knowledge?   Of course not.   Shaw was argued January 26 and Tyshon was argued February 24, and the Court typically works to release opinions within six months of oral argument.  Thus, it is reasonable to expect that those opinions will be released shortly.

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